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GX Pumps 1.5Kw (2HP)

A 1.5kW (2hp) pump range offering pressures from 4 bar (60psi) up to a theoretical maximum of 800bar (12,000psi) and flows up to 80lpm (18gpm).

KR Pumps 0.37Kw (1/2HP)

A 0.37Kw (1/2hp) pump range offering pressures from 3bar (45psi) up to a theoretical maximum of 680bar (9800psi) and flows up to 15lpm (3.3gpm).


A range of accessory products to enable you to tailor your HEYPAC pump to best suit your application. The range includes zero leak directional valves, pressure reducing valves, manifold blocks, larger capacity reservoirs, pulsation dampeners, air filter/regulators and fluid filters.


If you can’t find a standard product to suit your application just let us know – use the e-mail tab on this page to contact us – and we’ll try to create a special pump for your application. We have created many specials over the years, usually adapting a standard product but occasionally producing a brand new product so that it fits your requirement exactly.

Power Units

All of our pumps can be supplied in power unit form. Fit a pump on a larger capacity reservoir, fit two or more pumps if you wish, mix intensification ratios to provide high and low pressure systems, all power units can be supplied with fluid filtration, fluid level monitoring, air filtration and pressure regulators.